The goal of the P.R.O. program is to increase the college readiness of student athletes to help them achieve their dreams through individual & group tutoring with volunteer tutors from the community and academic counseling with a P.R.O. academic coach.

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Volunteer Selection Criteria

01Be motivated to help inner-city student athletes achieve their dreams through academic tutoring

02Attend volunteer training with P.R.O. staff

03Attend P.R.O. program on Mondays and/or Wednesdays from 2:00-4:00pm in the P.R.O. room at Lincoln High School to tutor inner-city student athletes during the school-year

04Must turn in a completed application, including consent form & background check form

05Must pass a background check

Volunteer Responsibilities

01Provide motivation for students to succeed academically

02Keep student focused on their homework during each session

03End a "game recap" after each session to inform P.R.O. staff of the progress of the student you tutored

04Be punctual and sign in and out on the volunteer timesheet

05Notify P.R.O. staff if you are unable to attend a tutoring session

06Dress appropriately for working with high school students

07No use of alcohol on the day in which you are volunteering

08No use of illegal drugs


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